Community Manager

The digital world changes daily. Technology now facilitates the dialogue between brands and users. Your clients, before knowing you, are informed on Google. Conveying your messages well is key. And we help you, because we control the digital environment. Web development, e-commerce, email marketing, apps, mobile applications, on/off reputation analysis, social media management, Web analytics.We set goals and focus on the client reaching them. We measure if the results are in line with the objectives, we analyze trend lines and, based on what we see, we take action. We define the channels that we are going to use, the objectives assigned to each channel and we plan each action.Facebook.comTwitter.comGoogle +InstagramPinterestRss/FeedDigital PlatformsAssociated Journalists is a non-profit organization in order to support each other among journalists and with different agreements achieved to carry out our same interests of freedom of expression for our publications. The creation of five digital media for our publications such as opinion, documentary, report, corporate, events."We have more than twenty years informing at the service of the community. Our news platforms will be handled with great professional ethics" Ronny Mandujano.We will detail all the benefits that you can have as our journalistic collaborator and allow us to continue supporting new professionals coming out of the universities. These young people who at the end of their training need this experience of 'the street'. We will put our doctrine to be able to guide you minute by minute in your news.