International Association of Journalists

Websites and micrositesContent managers (CMS)search engine optimizationWeb maintenanceStatistics and analyticsDomains and hostingNewsletter and mailingComprehensive online managementSEO and SEM strategyAssociated International Journalists is a non-profit organization with the aim of forming a community of international journalists to achieve different agreements in favor of our common interest, such as freedom of expression for our publications. The creation of digital media for our publications such as opinion, documentary, report, corporate, events."You have to form good communities to take advantage of what the world offers us." Our news platforms are managed with strict professional ethics. Ronny Mandujano.We will detail all the benefits that you can have as our journalistic collaborator and allow us to continue supporting new professionals from universities, young people who at the end of their training need this experience of 'the street'. We will put our doctrine to be able to guide you minute by minute in your news.We develop digital platforms for news. We offer server support and an extension for your journalistic community 24 hours a day, such as .mx, .pe, .fr, .es, .de, .co, . oops, .ar, .br, .eu, etc. Image and video options, carousel slider, goals, social networks, traffic, virtual hard drive. We support all our collaborators. Associated Journalists (API) is a new way to continue doing free journalism, without being tied to an 'editorial' to express our faithful and impartial point of view of minute-by-minute events. This way we can also demonstrate our good pen to make companies, SMEs, freelancers, etc. known.All correspondents may have a corporate email account, as well as our credential to facilitate access to the different events and/or press conferences. Our support will carry out the publication of your journalistic notes with images, positioning, tag, social networks, backlink. We are committed to journalistic specialization and for this, we ask that you focus on a category such as politics, society, international, economy, sports, health, entertainment, gastronomy, culture, technology, etc. We accept press, radio and television projects that are the platforms that we will be developing for all the countries of the world, in different languages, optimized and with the credits of producers, directors, editors, reporters, cameramen, graphics, sound engineers, etc. If you want to collaborate with us click hereIf you are a senior or just out of college, do not hesitate to contact us to start your collaborations, we will deliver internship certifications and you will have all your reporting credits. We are grateful for the services that these news platforms have made possible, to iComunicación, an organization that has the infrastructure and professionals who will work hand in hand in all the communication projects of our collaborators. Journalism: Our important motto, "Communicate so that they know how to listen to you and always inform us so that we are ignorant". We are a communication organization with more than 15 years of professional experience carrying out projects for companies, businesses, public figures and television. We carry out television production, photography, documentaries, reports and incorporating our news agency for different countries in America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.