Multimedia Production

Production:Realization and production in video and audio, elaboration of bodyboard, script, and post edition.We have professionals with multimedia management for voice in off, in on, locution, reporters.Production of content, news, documentaries, corporate videos, spots, giant reels and CCTV videos for subways, trains, buses, planes.Live broadcasts, for your web platform or corporate intranet.Streaming broadcasts with their own broadcast codes. We develop online, offline Internet transmissions, conference webcasts with a global reach without having to travel. For training, meetings, training, communications and generating more leads. 24 hour support. and urgent. What do we do: Distribution of live audio or video, Webcast, press releases, international news. Personalized video and audio production, with the support of cameramen, directors, producers and filmmakers. Transmission according to streaming server support. Extra services like live chat, voting, and password protection with every stream.