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Back to the Future: Reimagined (35th Anniversary Celebration)

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Happy Back to the Future Day! 🎉

To celebrate, we’ve been sharing incredible art created by some of our amazing #BTTF35 fans and Tongal with Back to the Future: Reimagined! ⚡️

Check out this HEAVY compilation now!
🎨 Credits…

"My Dream Amp" by Javier Benia
“The First Time Traveler” by Elliot Ruddy
"Alien in the Barn" by Crankub Animation Studio
"Marty McFly and the Butterfly Effect" by Bethany Borg
"Skateboard Chase" by Calaveres Animació
"A Visitor in the Night" by Neto Rodrigues
"Fateful Punch" by Eric Power
"Cardboard Cute-Out" by Alex Hagan

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